Constructive Supervision of Instruction in the Elementary Schools

Felix Cummings, Fordham University


The Methods of conducting the work of supervision will vary according to the concept of supervision itself. It may be direct, by personal inspection of class-work; and indirect, by reports of examinations and of subordinate supervisors. The present day tendency is towards the increase of personal inspection as the more effective method. It is quite universally admitted that supervision to be really worth while must concern itself with the teacher rather than with the material equipment of the school or the examination of the pupils. We are constantly advocating that the teacher makes the school. "As the teacher, so the school." Shall we be guilty of exaggeration if we conclude that "as the supervision, so the teacher?”

Subject Area

Teacher education|Educational evaluation

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Cummings, Felix, "Constructive Supervision of Instruction in the Elementary Schools" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557717.