The Group Study Plan

Frances G. V Kenny, Fordham University


Education with all its various aspects of research gives to those who labor in it the opportunity to enlighten their followers in that field in which they are most deeply interested. No other field offers so much chance as that called methodology. Of all the plans that have been used, The Group Study Plan in my mind outweighs them all. In this we find a splendid occasion for utilisation of all modern and remote factors in education. In the Group Study System, the class as a whole is divided into groups of small members. At the head of each group is a leader appointed by the teacher because of his ability and natural leadership. Work is assigned to each group. While one group is learning the new assignment with the teacher, a second group is studying a specific assignment from a text, a third group may be answering definite questions on cards or any other work designated by the teacher. The time for each subject is so divided that the teacher may reach each group during the period; the group working under their leaders change from text-book to black-board or other assigned work.

Subject Area

Education philosophy|Educational leadership|Educational technology|Social work

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Kenny, Frances G. V, "The Group Study Plan" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557751.