The Influence of Newspaper Publicity at the Five Towns Community House

W. Gordon Edgley, Fordham University


The author has been interested in social work interpretation for a number of years while employed in public assistance, recreation and group work settings. It was observed that the public in general does not have a clear meaning of social work, its goals and its services. Indeed the writer has found that most people have a complete misconception of these factors, and while the greater number of agencies are doing an adequate job, they find it difficult to tell the public about it in a language that can be understood. "Now and again we do have good articles on social work in popular magazines and the press but they are few in number. Social workers hide under the proverbial bushel and hesitate to develop a new style of writing which will tell the public what we as trained professional people have to offer".

Subject Area

Public administration|Social work

Recommended Citation

Edgley, W. Gordon, "The Influence of Newspaper Publicity at the Five Towns Community House" (1953). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557782.