The Catholic High School Its Aims and Objectives

M. Hyacinth Martin, Fordham University


One of the outstanding characteristics of the present age is the rapid spread of the idea of universal education. The Catholic Church which in all ages, has been foremost in the educational field has contributed notably to forwarding this Democratic movement in the United States. The growth of Catholic education depends on the spread of the Church. Hence Catholic education in the United States is as widespread as the Church. As a system of education, however, it is incomplete. Due mainly to economic reasons the Church is strong in both extremes in the educational system. The parochial school and the Catholic college have flourished for over a century. But recently it has been recognized that the connecting link in the system is weak. The secondary school or the free Catholic high school has been lacking. The attempt to remedy this defect and to insure for Catholic youth education from the kindergarten to college under Catholic influence is the most significant trend in the development of Catholic education in the United States today.

Subject Area

Education|Religion|Social work

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Martin, M. Hyacinth, "The Catholic High School Its Aims and Objectives" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557786.