Selecting an urban graduate school of education: A survey study

Joseph Robert Korevec, Fordham University


The study's objective was to examine the factors influencing applicants' decision to attend an urban, graduate school of education and develop a model that would help predict group membership. Dramatic transformations in the social, economic, and political environments have increased the need for the development of marketing and recruiting strategies in higher education. New approaches are necessary to cope with increasing competition for qualified students and the concomitant decrease in fiscal resources from both federal and university sources. The data were gathered through an original author-developed survey of 1,033 accepted students to an urban, graduate school of education for the fall 2003 semester. The 22 perception questions in the survey were reduced by utilization of factor analysis to 4 reliable and interpretable components: customer service, financial aid, personal contact, and reputation. Statistically significant differences were identified based on degree level, division, and grade point average. The predictor variable reputation was found to vary significantly by division and grade point average, and customer service varied significantly by degree level. Logistic regression was used to create a decision model to predict group membership. Customer service and reputation were found to be the 2 predictor variables that contribute to the applicants' decision model to attend or not attend an urban, graduate school of education. The regression results indicated the overall fit of the predictor model was questionable. In addition, the more graduate education programs an applicant applied to or was accepted to, the more likely they were to not matriculate at the urban, graduate school of education in this study. The findings indicate that the heterogeneity and dynamic nature of the market for graduate education make it difficult to develop a single, comprehensive, and uniform decision model. Institutions should continually assess their markets and utilize technology to target their audiences. The study concludes with recommendations for practice and further research.

Subject Area

Higher education|School administration

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Korevec, Joseph Robert, "Selecting an urban graduate school of education: A survey study" (2005). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3166574.