Preparation: Educational leadership beyond illusion

Debra Jackson, Fordham University


The reconceptualization of education will require prepared leadership capable of responding to a changing world. This case study reviewed the language of administrators enrolled in Fordham University's Educational Leadership Program in an attempt to determine the presence or absence of attributes considered essential by theoreticians for the reconceptualization of education. Language samples were coded using indicators representative of four attributes: reflective practice, participatory empowerment, intellectual knowledge, and critical understanding. Results suggest that the preparation model was successful in altering the language of its participants consistent with the attributes deemed essential by theoretical models examining reconceptualization within a changing society. Aspects of Fordham's program contributing to language change were considered along with specific recommendations for administrative preparation programs.

Subject Area

School administration

Recommended Citation

Jackson, Debra, "Preparation: Educational leadership beyond illusion" (1990). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9109259.