A non-interest bearing macroeconomic model

Mohamed Ihsan Obaydou, Fordham University


Most of the countries which are interested in the adoption of a non-interest bearing economic system are now working under the conventional system. So far, Pakistan has moved toward a non-interest bearing financial system; other countries are watching its experience before making a move. The situation highlights the need for advancing a theoretical background for a non-interest bearing macroeconomic model that can be used as a tool to analyze economic policies and their effect on the different sectors of the economy. Some of these tools must be developed, others can be obtained by modifying the conventional macroeconomic models. The Sargent Keynesian model has been selected in this study for modification to permit the introduction of the non-interest bearing concept.

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Obaydou, Mohamed Ihsan, "A non-interest bearing macroeconomic model" (1993). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9403300.