Moral development in Hispanic adolescents

Amy Cohen Fisher, Fordham University


The present study had as its focus the identification of the effect of ethnicity, independent of other relevant variables, on the moral judgment of adolescents. Subjects were 60 high school students: 30 Hispanic subjects, 30 non-Hispanic. Subjects were matched for age, sex, and SES. Moral judgment was assessed through the use of the Moral Judgment Interview (Colby & Kohlberg, 1987). The distributions of moral judgment scores were compared by means of a non-parametric Mann-Whitney U-Test. No significant differences were found for Hispanic versus non-Hispanic adolescents on the Moral Judgment Interview. Hispanic and non-Hispanic adolescents from the population sampled appeared comparable with respect to both moral reasoning level and the reasons subjects gave for their responses. These findings have clear implications for educators as they plan educational and informational programs for adolescents.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology

Recommended Citation

Fisher, Amy Cohen, "Moral development in Hispanic adolescents" (1993). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9412131.