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John Van Buren


Through increased commercialization and consumption, our style of living has become destructive to the planet. Every part of our lives will have to adapt to these new issues that will arise in our future, a future shaped by climate change, including our food systems. This paper explores salmon farms and discusses them from a historical, economic, and ethical point of view. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the salmon industry, some introductory information, and statistics regarding salmon farming. Chapter 2 dives into the historical significance of salmon and the development of farms. Chapter 3 discusses the economics of the salmon industry, analyzing our need for and consumption of the fish, as well as exploring how we can reduce and repurpose waste. In this chapter, I use what I have learned through my internship in salmon industry sustainability. Chapter 4 examines the ethical implications of keeping salmon in farms, utilizing the philosophical ideas of various scholars. It also touches on the current regulations in place regarding the fishing industry. The final chapter draws on information from the previous chapters and concludes with policy recommendations that could hopefully make sustainable changes throughout the industry.