Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2018

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Environmental Studies


Edward Van Buren


This paper aims to shed light on the dissonance caused by the superimposition of Dominant Human Systems on Natural Systems. I highlight the synthetic nature of Dominant Human Systems as egoic and linguistic phenomenon manufactured by a mere portion of the human population, which renders them inherently oppressive unto peoples and landscapes whose wisdom were barred from the design process. In pursuing a radical pragmatic approach to mending the simultaneous oppression and destruction of the human being and the earth, I highlight the necessity of minimizing entropic chaos caused by excess energy expenditure, an essential feature of systems that aim to run counter to the natural flow of the Cosmos. In Chapter 1, I discuss the pragmatism of systemic biomimicry and the tenets of ecology which must be assumed for the construction of effective human systems. In Chapter 2, the notion of construct is explored through the lense of metaphysical grounding. In Chapter 3, I explicate the dominant human systems [of oppression] which attempt to govern our human world and their discongruence with Natural Systems. In Chapter 4, tools for dismantling and reconstructing our sloppily-designed systems from a pluralistic base are explored. Chapter 5 focuses on the role of the individual in regard to the conscious evolution of the whole. Chapter 6 concludes with mention of the absurdity in the mainstream notion of ‘sustainability,’ and the pragmatism of hope. The radical pragmatism pursued in this work aims at a qualitative shift in society moreso than a quantitative one.

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