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You are kindly invited to attend the 15th International Facet Theory Conference

Initiated by the late Louis E. Guttman, Facet Theory (FT) has been developed as a comprehensive research strategy for the social and behavioral sciences. FT integrates formal design of empirical observations, with intrinsic data analysis procedures, such as the Guttman Scale, Partial-Order Scalogram Analysis, Smallest Space Analysis/Multidimensional Scaling, and Unfolding, for the discovery of lawfulness in complex systems.

For complex behavioral systems, characterized by multitudes of interacting variables, FT offers unique procedures to meet major challenges of the behavioral sciences such as how to sample a balanced set of observational variables from a content universe under study that comprises innumerable variables; and how to infer the structure of the content universe from multivariate but finite empirical data.

Facet theory has been successfully applied in a large number of disciplines such as psychology, education, sociology, political science, criminology, social work, business administration and the life sciences. It has contributed to theory construction in research domains such as marketing, information systems, the study of values, system and team dynamics, network studies, distributive justice and many more. Discoveries in areas of application have, in turn, contributed to FT as a meta-theory for behavioral cumulative science.

Program Committee

Samuel Shye Ingwer Borg Esther Solomon
Program Chair Associate Program Chair Associate Program Chair
Hebrew University of Jerusalem University of M√ľnster Fordham University

Aims of this year's conference

  • To present theoretical advances in Facet Theory (FT) and related approaches.
  • To report collaborative studies applying FT to substantive domains of research
  • To present critical reviews of the FT and its application, possibly comparing it with other multivariate approaches.
  • To demonstrate methodological advances in content-driven multivariate analysis, compare varieties of MDS procedures, multivariate measurement procedures, and statistical prediction models.
  • To introduce FT to participants not previously experienced with it, Professor Ingwer Borg will be leading a pre-conference workshop on facet theory.

The Louis Guttman Young Scientist Award The Facet Theory Association has decided to grant an award for the best paper submitted by young scientists to the 15th Facet Theory Conference in New York. The award is to recognize young scientists who have made a distinguished theoretical/empirical contribution to Facet Theory. Papers should be single authored (or the applicant should be listed first). Young scientists are those persons who have received a research degree (honors, masters, or Ph.D.) since the last FTA 14th Conference.

Important Dates and Deadlines

January 10, 2015 Abstract submission deadline
February 5, 2015 Notification of acceptance of the abstract
April 1, 2015 Full paper submission deadline
April 30, 2015 Notification of status of the full paper
June 15, 2015 Deadline for financial support application for doctoral students
August 16, 2015 Pre conferenceintroductory workshop
August 16-19, 2015 Facet Theory Conference


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