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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2020)

Editor's Note

Dear Reader:

As undergraduates in the pursuit of a legal career, we have been tasked to find our way in the midst of a pandemic infused with social upheaval. While this new reality may seem daunting or even derailing, I believe this moment presents an excellent opportunity to become the next attorney of tomorrow. As pre-law students in the year 2020, we are witnessing the world of law take shape: from the life and legacy of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the invigoration of a second civil rights movement, our institutions are bending before us. These institutions have been steeped in the status quo and are in desperate need for change. I am confident that we will do our part by challenging the carceral archipelago, fighting for equal protections of marginalized individuals, and increasing the number of women practicing, engaging, and shaping our laws. I am also confident that the pre-legal minds presented in this journal will help to push the law forward and impact our society in the very near future.

To that end, I am honored to present to you Volume II of the Fordham Undergraduate Law Review, a careful collection of pressing legal issues as analyzed and discussed by Fordham University’s most distinguished pre-law scholars. This Volume will discuss a wide range of legal issues relating to sexual orientation, environmental issues and climate change, immigration and refugees, and the implications of dual citizenship. There will also be detailed discussions relating to merger and acquisition law, intellectual property law, and international law. Through this diverse cohort of undergraduates with a wide range of legal opinions, the state and future of law will be analyzed.

Thank you to the fantastic Editorial Board for their long days and tireless nights in helping shape this Volume. Additionally, thank you to our Senior Editors who contributed immensely to the editorial process. Lastly, thank you to Dean Mantis, J.D. and Father Horan, S.J. for their institutional support in our Journal.

Editor-in-Chief Tyler Raciti