Editor's Note

Dear Reader:

It is with profound passion and privilege that I present to you the inaugural edition of the Fordham Undergraduate Law Review (FULR). When I first conceived of an undergraduate legal journal, I had an admittedly ambitious vision: not only to curate extraordinary semesterly legal volumes, but also to create a dynamic ecosystem of talented attorneys of tomorrow. By forming a publication enthralled in fruitful legal dialogues, I firmly believed that FULR could be made into a malleable community ignited by a curiosity in the law. Today, I am humbled to see this vision realized. Our vibrant community of nearly four hundred members marks a distinct expansion of the pre-law opportunities at Fordham University and has achieved spectacular results relative to similar pre-law journals nationwide.

A million congratulations are in order to the Editorial Board, whose outstanding demonstration of care, compassion, and grit has led FULR to become one of the largest publications at Fordham University’s undergraduate colleges. Their leadership during the days and endurance through the nights has engendered this impressive edition.

In this issue, you will read the legal perspectives of our pioneering group of undergraduate authors. This issue consists of eight notes, with each marking the wide breadth of disciplinary topics Fordham pre-law undergraduates engage in. I am also incredibly proud that in a male-dominated legal industry, the majority of our Editorial Board, faculty advisory board, and authors presented in this inaugural edition are women. While FULR seeks to foster an inclusive and diverse pre-law community, I firmly believe that this majority reflects the natural transformation of the legal sector.

I would like to thank all of you that have made this volume possible. I owe a special thank you to Dean Mantis, our faculty advisor, and Dean Annunziato, our faculty mentor, for their guidance throughout the publication process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Editorial Board at fulr@fordham.edu to share your comments. We openly welcome your feedback.

Editor-in-Chief Tyler Raciti