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and by technology. Social work offers a panoramic perspective on individuals and issues, insisting on the importance of the ecology of interaction between person and environment. Given this historic strength, social workers cannot ignore the explosive growth and pervasive impact of technology or fail to recognize its role in shaping culture. Beyond its capacity to enhance whatwe offer to our clients, technology is a prompt, a demand to reimagine our core values in the context of a changing social space and to develop amechanics of practice that is amenable to rapid evolution. With this commentary we hope to initiate dialogue: to urge consideration of the implications of a technology-powered culture for designing social work curriculums and training, for reaching across disciplines to improve outcomes, for finding new ways for social workers to partner with clients, and formaking these developments tangible and available to agencies and practitioners. Although technological innovation continuously alters the landscape of human possibility, it does not guarantee momentum toward the values of social justice. Social work is both uniquely positioned and ethically obligated to ensure that the drive of technological evolution is a project open to all, and that it does not replicate or amplify existing inequalities.

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