Date of Award

Spring 5-18-2019

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Brendan Cahill, Ph.D.


The presence of peacekeepers, whether they are mandated by the international community or used internally by a sovereign nation, has a limited effect on the ability to achieve a lasting peace and may even function as an obstacle, as seen through a comparative study of the conflicts in Kashmir and Northern Ireland. Because of this, they are of limited utility as the final step towards a society that has reconciled with its past conflict due to the fact that the peacekeepers (efforts work towards short-term peace) do not act as peacebuilders (efforts work towards long-term peace). The regions of Kashmir and Northern Ireland will be analyzed in detail in reference to the notion that peacekeeping is ineffective because, although the manner in which they were handled was completely different, they have still yet to reach the post-conflict society status. Kashmir was sent United Nations (UN) peacekeepers while Northern Ireland was sent British troops to serve as peacekeepers. Neither of these case studies were extreme in how peacekeeping was ineffective (such as Rwanda), yet they demonstrate the lack of success within the approach.