Date of Award

Spring 5-22-2021

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Mohamed Alsiadi

Second Advisor

Christopher Toulouse, Ph.D.


Since the establishment of a unified and internationally recognized country in 1990, Yemen and its people have struggled to reconcile their differences, leading to numerous civil wars. The most recent civil war, which officially started in 2014, has decimated the nation and its people as it continues unabated. Yemen’s geo-strategic location as well as the political and religious nature of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran’s rivalry has led them to back opposing sides in Yemen’s civil war. Both parties' involvement in the conflict has intensified and prolonged the fighting. As a result, Yemen’s key infrastructures, such as their economic, health, and education sectors, have failed. Both sides continue to violate international humanitarian law. The prolonged war has exacerbated an already existing climate crisis that involves both a serious water and food security issue. The decimation of Yemen’s health sector has left its people vulnerable to diseases like Cholera and Covid-19. The actions and involvement of Saudi Arabia and Iran have created the greatest humanitarian crisis in modern history.