Volume 11 (2021) Socio-cultural and Educational Aspects of Multilingual Multicultural Learners and Communities

This special issue of JMER addresses the challenges of multilingual learners both in classrooms and in social settings. The socio-linguistic contact that underlies each study has become an inescapable aspect of our dynamic, multilingual/multicultural and global encounters. Each data-based paper investigates a particular aspect of second/foreign language acquisition and use, considering effective strategies for teachers and learners. This special issue includes papers that have evolved from presentations at the annual NABE Research and Evaluation Institute.

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Special Issue: Pluriversalising the teaching and learning of Spanish: Insights from research to praxis

Guest Editors
Dr. Leonardo Veliz, University of New England, Australia
Dr. Adriana Diaz, University of Queensland, Australia
Dr. Danielle Heinrichs, Griffith University, Australia

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2022

This Special Issue critically interrogates the social, cultural, political and historical complexities that shape, and constantly interfere with what we understand/conceptualise as ‘Spanish’ language education today. It looks specifically at the theories, policies, practices, experiences and knowledges of teachers of Spanish, who exercise their profession in monolingual, multilingual or plurilingual settings, and especially those who, as a result of long processes of domination and colonization, have to grapple with hegemonic thinking and raciolinguistic ideologies.

This Special Issue encourages contributors to submit papers in English or Spanish. All papers, irrespective of the language of publication, must have the abstract in both English and Spanish.

For further information (in English and in Spanish) visit Special Issue of JMER-Call for Papers