Volume 12 represents a new opportunity for JMER’s book section. We are presenting three very different book reviews that we believe complement one another. Olivares Orellana’s review of Ahit Mohanty’s (2018) The Multilingual Reality: Living with Languages highlights how multilingualism in India is an everyday, complex phenomenon characterized by hierarchical relationships among languages, discrimination, and marginalization. In sharp contrast, Falchi’s review of Espinosa and Ascensi-Moreno’s (2021) Rooted in Strength: Using Translanguaging to Grow Multilingual Readers and Writers is deeply situated in early-childhood bilingual classrooms where translanguaging is at the core for propelling reading and writing success. Ijalba’s review centers on Cioé-Peña’s (M)othering Labeled Children: Bilingualism and Disability in the Lives of Latinx Mothers (2021). In this book, the lives of three Latinx mothers raising children who are labeled both bilingual and disabled are explored.