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Babette Babich, “On Schrödinger and Nietzsche: Eternal Return and the Moment.” In: Christopher Key Chapple, ed., Antonio T. de Nicolas: Poet of Eternal Return (Ahmedabad, India: Sriyogi Publications & Nalanda International, 2014), pp. 157-206.


Cognition and Perception | Life Sciences | Philosophy | Philosophy of Science | Quantum Physics | Religion


The phenomenological question of consciousness usually associated with Husserl (although there are echoes of this in Augustine as in Marcus Aurelius, Kant and Schopenhauer), is the consciousness of the now, the present moment. I explore this consciousness for Erwin Schrödinger, which for him included reference to the Upaniṣads together with Nietzsche’s central teaching or “thinking” of the eternal recurrence of the same.



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