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Heelan, Hermeneutic Philosophy of Science, Quantum Mechanics, Objectivity, Heisenberg, Husserl, Phenomenology, Science and Religion, Van Gogh


Arts and Humanities | Other Religion | Philosophy | Philosophy of Science | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


A Husserlean intentionality analysis of the early Bohr-Heisenberg view of the quantum theory; of quantum logic as a context logic of differently embodied inquirers; of the problems of causality and localization in quantum mechanics.

Heideggerian analysis of the ontological status of measurement and laboratory data. The Husserlean group transformation structure of perceptual objects in general, and of theoretically denominated laboratory entities construed as perceptual objects.

A critique of David Marr’s program for machine perception.

A study of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, Bedroom at Arles (1888), of the art and aesthetics of the (negatively curved) local Riemannian pictorial space achieved by the artist and how the artist used the theory and technology of perspective to achieve his purpose.

Using a common philosophically understood method underlying theology and natural science, scientists who are religious and theologians who respect the processes of natural science should be able to gain reliable experiential, intellectual, and rational knowledge both of Nature, the subject matter of the natural sciences, and of God, the subject matter of religion.

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Babich-The Fortunes of Incommensurability.pdf (222 kB)
Babich, The Fortunes of Incommensurability

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Robert Crease, Experimental Life: Heelan on Quantum Mechanics