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Commuters boarding the Speed Line in the small town of Lindenwold, New Jersey witness a rapid change in landscape as their train whisks them towards Philadelphia. Each stop on the train represents a distinct stage of suburban development ranging from the sprawling McMansions of Voorhees to the tightly packed two-family houses of Collingswood. The passengers that board a the various stations accurately represents the demographics of each town. This broad range of people is treated to a memorable, yet brief glimpse of poverty when the train enter the City of Camden. Gliding above decaying row homes and empty streets, passengers stare at the mot dangerous city in America from the relative safety of the train. This fleeting encounter with Camden that is witnessed daily by thousands of South Jersey residents, represents the extant to which mot people interact with this embattled city. Only memories, told by grandparents and parents of these commuters, serve to illustrate the Camden that once was.