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In 1937 the New York branch of the Brewers Board of Trade listed seventeen affiliated breweries in the New York metropolitan area (including northern New Jersey). With strong Irish, German, and Dutch traditions, and a predominately working class composition, beer was as much a part of New York as the Yankees. And because of the generally localized nature of the industry at the time, and the pride that the city's residents took in all things New York, New Yorkers drank New York beer almost exclusively. Reciprocally, New York brewing companies took much pride in serving New York residents, and played an active and influential role in New York's cultural life. But less than forty years later, the Schaefer Brewing Company announced that , after 144 years of operation in New York City, it was closing its doors and moving to Allentown Pennsylvania. At the time, this was the last functioning brewery in the city proper, and the only brewing company in the metropolitan area that was originally from New York. For the first time in hundreds of years, the city was without a home-grown brewery.