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"I did not even know there were Africans in Ireland," is the common response I received upon telling people about my research interests in Ireland. This exact response is what this paper seeks to disprove. Africans in Dublin: Race Relations, Cultural Preservation, and Working the Immigration System not only uncovers the existence of an African population, but documents fascinating immigration stories a few African interviewees experienced and their lives within the African immigrant community and within the larger Irish society. My interest in this topic derives from my two passions: Irish history and the African Diaspora. One characteristic both Ireland and Africa, in general, have in common is that they have significant and wide-spread Diasporas. My family is part of the Irish Diaspora. In this way, I can relate to being a second or third-generation immigrant child. This paper will shed light on the understudied African immigrant population in Dublin in their daily interactions with the Irish and each other, their identity formation, and their culture.