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Fall 2013

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The Pledge of Allegiance, which supposedly captures the core values of America, is a nostalgic hymn by virtually all citizens of the U.S. We recite it in public schools, at football games, and a wide range of ceremonies and celebrations. From the time we are young, these words become engrained in us, so much so that reciting them becomes second nature. Do we, though, truly practice the concepts held in the Pledge of Allegiance? When we pledge that the U.S. embodies "liberty and Justice of all", do we stop and think of the implications the term carries? Can we, as a society who accepts this phrase, honestly support the claim that all U.S. citizens have been granted such equality? According to this phrase, American justice pay no mind to color, sexuality, nationality, religion, gender, or disability. Unfortunately, the lived reality for many people is very different. To those who disagree, I suspect that those individuals have been living a sheltered life, and quite frankly they should spend some time in any minority dominated housing project and read a book.