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Edward Cahill

Second Advisor

Amy Aronson


In the last ten years, blogs have become an extremely popular and influential outlet for writing. Even more recently, there has been an influx in the creation of local, community blogs. These blogs focus on a particular area or neighborhood and serve as an interactive local newspaper for the community’s residents. These websites are unique in that those who frequently read and comment on them are not just members on an Internet community, but (in most cases) are also residents of a physical community as well. In his book, Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson determines that communities are social constructs, which have been formed by those who consider themselves to be members of a certain group. In my research, I explored the idea that blogs, and in particular neighborhood blogs, should be considered imagined communities. I also looked into what effect local blogs have on neighborhood involvement and whether or not these websites assist in connecting members of a specific community. I went about this research through interviewing those who created and contribute to these blogs, as well as gathering any articles and studies that had already been done on the subject. Through my research, I determined there is evidence to support a connection between community outreach and the use of Internet blogs.