African American Studies


Dioup is a Senegalese citizen who came to the United States when he was twenty years old. Dioup speaks briefly about what motivated his decision to come to the United States as opposed to France. According to Dioup, the benefit of going to France is of course the shared language. Since Senegal is a francophone country, it wouldn’t have been much of a culture shock for him to relocate o France. However, to things discouraged a move to France. The first is the large degree of discrimination and racial harassment within the country. The second is their music scene. Dioup felt that the NYC music scene would be better for his DJ’ing aspirations.

Upon coming to the U.S, Dioup describes a sense of disappointment with what he expected versus the reality. Since he neither had papers nor a job, his friend took him into him home for approximately 3 months. His friend lived in the Bronx near 182nd street. While there, he searched for odd jobs, recalling that we worked as much as 60 hours per week for 250 dollars. Dioup also worked as a DJ for the African community.

Despite his hectic work schedule, Dioup still found time to pursue an education. Dioup says that for many Senegalese people and Africans in general, getting and education and economic and social mobility is the ultimate goal once in America.

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