African American Studies


Michael is from Nigeria and at the time of the interview was a student at Fordham University. He was born in Nigeria and came to the states with an F-1 Visa to study. Michael chose Fordham because of his Jesuit roots back in Nigeria.

Michael talks a lot about his experience at Fordham University, he says the community has been welcoming to him and he can appreciate the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person. Michael has an apartment on Arthur Avenue. He has never had any problems with people in the Bronx. He visits an African restaurant named Sankofa on Webster Avenue. The restaurant is owned by Ghanaian people; however, Michael maintains that the foods are rather similar.

Michael’s parents are Cherubim and Seraphim. It’s an African church that has its origin in African and in the western part of Nigeria. Michael doesn’t know of any of these churches in the city. He worships at the Redeemed Christina Church of God located in the Bronx. A majority of the congregation in Nigeria, he claims about 80%.

Michael student teaches biology to 10th graders at the Beacon school on 61st street between west End and Amsterdam Avenues. He teaches mostly white students, a few are Hispanic and black.

Michael talks a bit about the high unemployment rates back in Nigeria. It took him six years to find a job after graduating. He claims that many educated people have difficulty finding jobs and this turn to crime. He also talks about the Christina Muslim conflicts in Nigeria, specifically the implementation of sharia law.

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