African American Studies


Interviewee: Nicholas Calderon

Interviewer: Mark Naison

Date: May 27, 2010

Nicholas found inspiration in the artistry of rapper Tupac Shakur back in the 90’s. Shakur’s experiences, and the ways in which he dealt with angst inspired him to enter the music field. Back in the day, battles were a norm and would take place throughout the Bronx. Nicholas describes going into certain neighborhoods where he knew of talented battle rappers; a challenge would ensue. He asserts that it was mostly for competition and “beefs” and animosity would not come about as a result of the battles.

Nicolas concludes that there aren’t many good rappers in the modern era because rappers and artists are predominantly interested in money and mot so much interested in the art form.

According to Nicholas, signing to a record label is a form of control and manipulation. Independency is the best way to preserve the integrity and virtue of an artist’s craft. Nicholas has his own independent record label and is his own boss. When he does sign, that record label would be picking him up with his label.

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