African American Studies


The Bronx African-American History Project conducted this interview with an entourage representing the Ashanti King. Topics discussed included a fund for schools in Ghana, the relationship between different Ghanaian ethnic groups, and the royal protocol surrounding the Ashanti King.

The interviewees talked to the BAAHP about their efforts to establish a fund to support Ghanaian education. According to the interviewees, $500 can support two or three students in Ghana, a fact which led to their decision to assist in Ghanaian education. The interviewees have also sought to increase the technological presence in Ghanaian classrooms by sending computers and printers to Ghana. In the interview, it was disclosed that around 30 students had been helped, 5 of which are medical students back in Ghana.

Another topic broached during the interview was the relationship between different ethnic groups in Ghana. According to the interviewees, the Ashanti are considered the majority ethnic group in Ghana; however, they said that the country’s various groups mostly do not have enmity towards each other.

Much of the interview was spent discussing the protocol regarding the Ashanti king. For example, the king is signified amongst a large group of people by assuming a seat on a golden stool. Additionally, the king possesses several artifacts which symbolize his power. For example, one item is used for divination purpose, while another is a turtle figurine meant to symbolize the nature of kingship.

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