The relationship of parenting styles and birth order to problem solving styles

Carolyn Ann Volpe, Fordham University


This study examined how birth order and upbringing relate to problem solving styles. Based on literature on parenting styles, specifically Baumrind’s three dimensions of parenting styles, Dr. Kevin Leman’s theory on birth order, and VIEW Model of Problem Solving Styles, a national sample of 173 adults participated in this study. They completed Buri’s Parental Authority Questionnaire about both their parents to assess the style for each parent and completed VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style to determine their own problem solving styles. The respondents answered demographic questions including items to determine their birth order. This study examined the relationship between birth order and problem solving styles of firstborn and later born children as well as those from Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive parenting styles. Overall, Orientation to Change was positively related to Authoritarianism and negatively related to Mother Permissiveness indicating that those with Authoritarian parents were more Developer-like and those with more Permissive mothers were more Explorer-like.

Subject Area

Educational psychology

Recommended Citation

Volpe, Carolyn Ann, "The relationship of parenting styles and birth order to problem solving styles" (2016). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10000740.