Relationships among leadership, curriculum mapping, and teacher self-efficacy: Practioners' perceptions

Florence Teresa O'Connor, Fordham University


In this study, I examined teachers perceptions of their self-efficacy and job satisfaction as related to curriculum mapping—a method of tracking and evaluating system-wide curriculum regularly and frequently which introduces alignment and continuity across grades and buildings. Here, I defined curriculum mapping to include alignment of curriculum, sequencing of curriculum, timing of the instruction of the curriculum, and teacher collaboration around curriculum. Key variables included teachers perceptions of leadership (at district, school, and teacher levels), curriculum mapping, a feeling of mastery of the curriculum mapping process, observation of a peer experiencing success in curriculum mapping, experiencing peer verbal or social persuasion regarding curriculum mapping, and psychological or emotional factors that may affect the curriculum mapping process. I developed a 36–item electronic survey—CLAIM (Curriculum Leadership and Instructional Management), which was administered to volunteer teachers in Kindergarten through Grade 12 from two school districts, each of which differed in years of formal experience with curriculum mapping (District A = 6 years; District B = 2 years). Significantly more teachers with fewer years of curriculum mapping experience reported that three of the four mapping factors—curriculum alignment, sequencing of instruction, and teacher collaboration positively affected their self-efficacy. Although they did not perceive curriculum mapping or leadership items as significant factors in their reported level of job satisfaction, they perceived all three leadership items (district, school, and teacher) to significantly and positively affect their reported self-efficacy and satisfaction with curriculum mapping. Recommendations are offered for future research and practices in the field.

Subject Area

School administration|Teacher education|Curriculum development

Recommended Citation

O'Connor, Florence Teresa, "Relationships among leadership, curriculum mapping, and teacher self-efficacy: Practioners' perceptions" (2016). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10116300.