Clinical Social Workers' Use of Computer-mediated Intervention and Social Justice

Kelly Sullivan Dennis, Fordham University


The aim of this study was to explore how clinical social workers use computer-mediated intervention, as well as, how they incorporate, if at all, the social justice framework in their practice. A qualitative dominant mixed method design using a phenomenological approach was used. The 28 participants in the sample were recruited using purposeful, convenience sampling with criterion and snowball-sampling techniques. The sensitizing concepts of computer-mediated intervention and social justice were measured using the Internet-based Survey including the self-developed questionnaire Computer-mediated Intervention and Social Justice and the Social Justice Attitudes Subscale (Torres-Harding, Siers, & Olsen, 2012). More in-depth data was acquired through semi-structured interviews, which were conducted through video or telephone conference. The findings suggest that a foundational commitment to social justice plus the increased use of technology within clinical practice contribute to the promotion of social justice.

Subject Area

Therapy|Social research|Social work

Recommended Citation

Dennis, Kelly Sullivan, "Clinical Social Workers' Use of Computer-mediated Intervention and Social Justice" (2018). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10743852.