Factors That Influence Parents to Choose Charter High Schools

Mary Albanese Montero, Fordham University


The purpose of this study was to determine the beliefs of parents about public and charter high schools and how these beliefs led to enrolling their child in a charter high school rather than a public high school in their neighborhood. It explored sources of information parents received regarding public schools and charter schools prior to enrollment and the expected outcomes of enrolling their children in the charter schools. It focused on aspects of a school that parents viewed as priorities when making decisions about a suitable school setting for their children. Participants in this study were eight parents of students who attended the same urban charter high school. Results of the study revealed nine overarching themes which included (1) Safety, (2) Communication, (3) Career Readiness, (4) Dedication of Teachers and Administrators, (5) Sports and Extracurricular Activities, (6) Class Size, (7) Special Services, (8) Location, and (9) Admissions Procedures. Findings from this study indicated that parents of charter school high school students shared similar experiences and concerns when exercising the school choice option for their children.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Education Policy

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Albanese Montero, Mary, "Factors That Influence Parents to Choose Charter High Schools" (2018). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10786938.