Leveraging Loyalty to Motivate Faculty and Staff Giving

Sara V Hunt Munoz, Fordham University


Institutions of higher education nationwide are looking for new fundraising strategies to generate revenue. Many are turning to their faculty and staff in an effort to create a culture of philanthropy across their universities and to attract new donors. Texas Christian University (TCU) in Forth Worth, Texas has implemented an annual faculty and staff giving campaign that has been successful for more than a decade. This qualitative case study focused on the lived experiences of 25 TCU employees who were connected to the annual campaign. Six key findings revealed their thoughts on workplace loyalty and what motivates them to donate to the university. Some cited leadership, campus culture, and athletics as having a significant effect on their work experience. The findings also revealed that peer to peer soliciations were an effective fundraising strategy and that the university’s religious affiliation was not a large part of the institution’s current identity. The implications for practice focus on hiring service-oriented employees at all levels, using athletic programs to build a sense of pride and passion, educating faculty and staff to be advocates for philanthropy, and communicating a relatable and inspirational mission statement.

Subject Area

Education finance|Higher Education Administration|Educational leadership

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Hunt Munoz, Sara V, "Leveraging Loyalty to Motivate Faculty and Staff Giving" (2019). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13419424.