Civil Society and Religion: Social Change Through Islam

Sarah Louise Nicklas, Fordham University


The Arab Spring has brought many questions to the forefront: how did this uprising begin? Will this democratic atmosphere last? Who will rise to power? In observing the occurrences of Arab Spring, it is clear that the youth population, along with the use of social media, helped spread a democratic fervor throughout the Middle East and North Africa. While this population played a significant role in the revolution, were they the only segment of society who inspired the uprising against autocratic norms, or were there other factors at play? Furthermore, in a setting of authoritarianism, and limited social freedoms - i.e. freedom of the press, freedom to assemble - how did this population develop the ability to protest these autocratic regimes?

Subject Area

Political science

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Nicklas, Sarah Louise, "Civil Society and Religion: Social Change Through Islam" (2012). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13851717.