From Tall to Supertall: A Political Economic Analysis

Kevin Timoney, Fordham University


In my thesis I explore the growth and impacts of supertall buildings in New York City. I use a political economy framework in my analysis. As Mosco (2016: 20), states "political economy has consistently placed in the foreground the goal of understanding social change and historical transformation." The building of these enormous structures globally and public resistance to them locally underlines how tall and supertall structures are more than a new feat of engineering or new architectural style, but rather, contested sites pitting the collective good against neo-liberal and globalizing political and economic forces that rule urban development.

Subject Area

Sociology|Urban planning

Recommended Citation

Timoney, Kevin, "From Tall to Supertall: A Political Economic Analysis" (2019). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13877863.