Exploring the Relationship Between Metacognition, Determinants of Physical Activity, and Leisure Time Physical Activity

Andrew C Leno, Fordham University


Researchers have long demonstrated the positive influence of metacognition on learning, and its relationship with key psychological constructs (e.g., self-regulation, self-efficacy, intention, behavior regulation, psychological needs, domain specific knowledge, and executive function) that predict physical activity. However, metacognition remains relatively absent from the mainstream health behavior psychology literature. In the current study, college undergraduates who were enrolled in an American university or college (N = 312) completed an Internet survey to investigate linkages among metacognition, leisure time physical activity (LTPA), and determinants of physical activity. Results showed that metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulation were significantly correlated with health-related LTPA, and with select determinants of physical activity, including: self-regulation strategy use, maintenance self-efficacy, implementation intention, intrinsic regulation, introjected regulation, and relatedness. The results of a series of hierarchal regression analyses found support for metacognition as a predictor of health-related LTPA, though failed to show metacognition as a significant predictor of LTPA when determinants of physical activity were controlled. Significant correlations among determinants of physical activity and their ability to predict LTPA were also noted. The current study provides support for a relationship among metacognition, exercise, and determinants of physical activity. Further research is warranted to understand how metacognition relates to exercise and determinants of physical activity.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Psychology|Health education

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Leno, Andrew C, "Exploring the Relationship Between Metacognition, Determinants of Physical Activity, and Leisure Time Physical Activity" (2019). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13884724.