Teachers' perspectives on classroom climate and teacher outcomes

Melissa Marie De Feo, Fordham University


The current study aimed to identify teachers' perceptions of classroom climate both as a construct and as it pertains to practices and policies within their classrooms. The second aim of this study was to identify the relationship between teacher outcomes (teacher self-efficacy, burnout, and classroom climate), teacher and classroom characteristics, and results of their interviews. Data were collected from a sample of elementary and special-education teachers in two schools (N = 30), 17 of which also completed a survey on teacher outcomes. Using Multi-Grounded Theory, this study identified four action-paradigm models Classroom Coherency and Flow, Teacher Effectiveness, Classroom Relationships, and Learning. The greater number of teacher responses categorized as Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Relationships, the more negative teacher outcomes. Only Learning was associated with positive actual classroom climates. Teachers who reported less feelings of burnout also rated their actual classroom climates more favorably. Teachers who reported feeling efficacious in working with parents and the administration reported an increased sense of personal accomplishment. Teachers with advanced degrees reported higher burnout than teachers with less education. Lastly, student behavioral characteristics were associated with all three teacher outcomes while students' academic abilities were associated with teachers' perceptions of classroom climate. Classroom climate education can be a cost-effective area for intervention by encouraging dialogue coupled with education. If teachers are taught about classroom climate in relevant terms, teachers can take steps towards making effective changes and they will have criteria to which they can compare their current practice. Furthermore, classroom climate can have significant consequences for teachers - positive environments can contribute to career satisfaction and longevity.

Subject Area

Educational psychology

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De Feo, Melissa Marie, "Teachers' perspectives on classroom climate and teacher outcomes" (2015). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI1584731.