Analysis of dual auditory systems using combinatorial fusion

Tamer M Aly, Fordham University


We address the problem of combining dual auditory systems when the systems are involved in a joint decision making process to predict the location of a known sound source. Our approach is based on the idea that sound is a vector with two scalar quantities - direction and magnitude - where direction is more easily controlled and measured than magnitude. Moreover, the approach assumes that by having two sets of ears listen to the sound, a more accurate location to the sound source will be revealed. Combinatorial fusion analysis is used to develop a metric in the selection of conditions under which combination is best. The results show that combination is effective when both systems have relative high performance and they are diverse. This is in accordance with previous work done on combinatorial fusion analysis and joint decision making. Experimental and computer simulated results are included to demonstrate the performance of the proposed metric.

Subject Area

Information science|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Aly, Tamer M, "Analysis of dual auditory systems using combinatorial fusion" (2015). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI1601575.