Embraced by the locals: Perception and acceptance of foreign aid

Gianluigi Lopes, Fordham University


In this thesis, I examine the evolving situation of the impediments faced by international humanitarian agencies, in the attempt of providing assistance to populations in need. I analyse several typologies of rejection of aid and the possible causes of this phenomenon. I suggest that a perception gap characterises the relations established among aid agencies and local actors within the operational contexts. By reviewing the literature available on perception of aid, by looking at practices of INGOSs and aid agencies, I reflect critically the acceptability concept applied to the humanitarian sector. The purpose is to indicate possible steps to be taken, in order to improve the understanding of the contexts where the aid effort takes place, and therefore to diminish the misconceptions regarding the humanitarian discourse in emergency response [acceptance of aid, rejection of aid, perception of aid, humanitarian action, stakeholder analysis, INGO, MSF].

Subject Area

International Relations|Political science

Recommended Citation

Lopes, Gianluigi, "Embraced by the locals: Perception and acceptance of foreign aid" (2015). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI1603444.