Lifelong Learning, Personality and Entrepreneurial Performance

Dong Shi, Fordham University


Entrepreneurs play a critical role in a country’s economy. People usually attribute entrepreneurial success to either they are born talents or they have luck. We wondered whether it is true. In any case, can entrepreneurship be learned or can entrepreneurial success be duplicated? In this study, we take contemporary Chinese entrepreneurs as the research participants, and conduct an in-depth analysis of their personality traits and learning characteristics in order to discover whether there is a relation among lifelong learning (LLL), personality, and entrepreneurial performance. At the same time, we try to find out whether there is an impact of lifelong learning on entrepreneurial performance from various perspectives such as learning content (what to learn), learning motivation (why to learn), learning style (how to learn internally), and learning format (how to learn externally). We also test the moderating or interactive effects between lifelong learning and personality on entrepreneurial performance. In this research, we use mixed research methods including both qualitative and quantitative analysis approaches to explain theoretically and practically the relations among different variables. The results of this study show that lifelong learning and personality have significant impacts on entrepreneur performance. There is also an interactive effect between lifelong learning and personality. Among them, lifelong learning has a significant moderating effect on the impact of personality on entrepreneur performance. The findings in this research are significant and could be helpful for entrepreneurship research, entrepreneurial education and practice.

Subject Area

Management|Economics|Business education|Personality psychology|Entrepreneurship|Continuing education

Recommended Citation

Shi, Dong, "Lifelong Learning, Personality and Entrepreneurial Performance" (2020). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28148168.