Impact of Distributed Leadership on Technology Implementation

Jasmine Nicole McQuay, Fordham University


The purpose of this quantitative study was to understand the connection between the distributed leadership approach, the extent of assistance and support by informal and formal leaders, teacher beliefs toward technology, and the degree to which teachers implement the instructional technology (i.e. Nearpod). In September 2020 a self-reporting survey was collected from 127 K-12 teachers in the United States, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was used to explain the relationships between these factors from teachers who have access to the paid version of Nearpod. Distributed leadership–formal and informal leaders—provided support with technology implementation to participants. A multiple regression analysis and t-tests were used to analyze survey data. Teacher beliefs were shown to impact technology implementation. Overall, support from distributed leaders was shown to be statistically significant with respect to technology implementation. Yet, Nearpod Trainers were the only type of distributed leader that had a statistically significant impact on participants’ implementation of technology. Although over half (50.4%) of participants selected a teacher or teacher leader as their chief distributed leader, peer teachers and teacher leaders were not found to have a statistically significant impact on technology implementation. Recommendations include use trainers and experts of the technology tools for specific support with technology implementation. Professional development should specifically focus on transformational pedagogical practices; use modeling as a form of support, and focus on developing the knowledge of teachers and teacher leaders given teachers’ ready access to their peers for support.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Operations research|Educational administration|Educational technology

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McQuay, Jasmine Nicole, "Impact of Distributed Leadership on Technology Implementation" (2021). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28497476.