Spinoza's Indebtedness to Neo-Platonism

Mary William Keating, Fordham University


No philosophical system can be adequately explained as a development of the systems that have preceded it. Every great system of thought must contain something original, and must be presented as such, but it may still bear a very striking resemblance to previous systems. Philosophy, since it purposes to have as its object, being, and primarily being, from the viewpoint of ultimate causes, is most probably the field in which originality becomes daily more difficult. As we, in the twentieth century, survey phenomenology, existentialism, socialism, communism, behaviorism, and the innumerable other "modern" philosophies we can certainly see similarities to all the philosophical systems from the time of the pre-Socratics.

Subject Area

Philosophy|Middle Eastern literature|Logic

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Keating, Mary William, "Spinoza's Indebtedness to Neo-Platonism" (1955). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28621837.