Contributions Toward a Glossary of Critical Terms in John Dryden's Essays

Aida Luz Perez, Fordham University


The main purpose of this study is to throw light on the meaning of key terms in Dryden's critical vocabulary by presenting the words or expressions in their various contexts. Purely technical terms that are used by Dryden in traditional fashion have not been included. Interest has centered on the great ambivalences of neo-classical criticism -- Art, Imitation, Nature, Wit, and the like.This is not a dictionary of Dryden's critical terminology, though it presumes to be a demonstration that such a dictionary would be very useful indeed. It is, however, more ambitious in scope than an index verborum or a concordance. Dryden's terms have been studied against the background materials provided by the Oxford English Dictionary and reference has been made to particularly useful studies such as those of A. 0. Lovejoy, William Empson, and George Williamson.

Subject Area

Library science|British and Irish literature|Language|Information science

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Perez, Aida Luz, "Contributions Toward a Glossary of Critical Terms in John Dryden's Essays" (1955). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28621840.