The Decline of a Christian Conception of Natural Law

M. Eileen Connolly Drennen, Fordham University


This paper will attempt to describe the birth process and life adventures of the concept of the natural moral law as a force in the history of political philosophy, and to examine the historical period and clime that were res- ponsible for its decline. This concept is not a man-made idea in the sense that any one man or group of men can be credited with having elaborated or developed it. Rather, it is the formulation, over a period of centuries, of man's instinctive awareness of an objective moral order governing all aspects of human life, to which order each man is bound to conform.

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Drennen, M. Eileen Connolly, "The Decline of a Christian Conception of Natural Law" (1954). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28623288.