Transportation Problems of the European Common Market for Coal and Steel

Vladimir N Pregelj, Fordham University


CHAPTER I EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY The Plan and the Treaty At a press conference in Paris on May 9, 1950, the then Foreign Minister of France, Robert Schuman, delivered a proposal, a few days earlier adopted on a single vote by the French cabinet. The aim of this proposal was to coordinate under a single authority the coal and steel production of France and Germany and such other European countries as would desire to participate in this pool. The proposal was at the same time old and almost revolutionarily novel. There had been many earlier attempts, some of them successful, toward economic or political integration of European countries—in this regard the proposal had nothing new to offer. Its novelty was in the characteristic that such integration would be subject to a new supranational authority, sovereign in its domain, to which all the participating countries would surrender part of their sovereignty in the interest of the community.

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Economics|Political science

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Pregelj, Vladimir N, "Transportation Problems of the European Common Market for Coal and Steel" (1959). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28673365.