A Philosohical Approach to the Neutralist Teacher

Mary Rose Barral, Fordham University


PREFACE The purpose of this work is to make a study of the present situation in American education, in the Public Schools, noting from a philosophical point of view, the influences which seem to be responsible for it; then study the alleged reasons for neutralism in education and point out their inadequacy and lack of foundation in reality; examine the consequences of such a concept of the teacher and of teaching as applied in practice and compare the "modernistic" view with the view of tradition, thus bringing to light the fact that a neutralist teacher is a contradiction in terms. This work does not propose to study modern and traditional education under every aspect, but only in what has a more direct bearing on the problem. Thus in referring to the philosophy of education and educational practices according to the "philosophie perennis" there will be no specific discussion of those aspects of the traditional methods which undoubtedly needed reform. When traditional education will be referred to it will be always with regard to the philosophy implied as to the adherence to absolute values, not as to educational methods of any particular period.

Subject Area

Education philosophy

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Barral, Mary Rose, "A Philosohical Approach to the Neutralist Teacher" (1958). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28673376.