Toward Humanization: The Marcan Jesus as a Source and Guide for Humanization Today

Scott Geminn, Fordham University


This study examines how the portrayal of the humanity of the Marcan Jesus in Mark 1:21–3:6 can serve as a source and guide for a religiously educative liberative pedagogy that leads toward humanization. It employs an interdisciplinary methodology that draws upon the fields of religious education, education, scriptural theology, and philosophy to construct a pedagogy that leads to humanization. This study examines the work of educator Paulo Freire and religious educator Thomas Groome concerning their emphasis on humanization in their educational philosophy and praxis. It draws upon the work of Marcan scholars Ched Myers and R.T. France to ground the dialectical process for humanization in the Marcan Jesus. It then examines the obstacles to humanization today through conversation with the scholarship of Bernard Lonergan, Pope Francis, and M. Shawn Copeland. Lastly, drawing upon the previous chapters, a religious educative liberative pedagogy is provided that draws upon the Marcan Jesus’ dialectical relationship between himself and his world for guidance for humanization today. How the Marcan Jesus acts upon his concrete world guides how we act upon our world, which leads to humanization.

Subject Area

Religious education|Theology|Pedagogy

Recommended Citation

Geminn, Scott, "Toward Humanization: The Marcan Jesus as a Source and Guide for Humanization Today" (2022). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29257559.