The Use of Achievement Tests by High School Teachers of English

Lucy F Mohan, Fordham University


The aim of this paper is not to make an exhaustive study of the nature of the achievement tests now offered for use in English, as there are several textbooks . on the market at present which do that very satisfactorily. The paper will rather be confined to a study of the actual use to which the tests are being put by high school English teachers, and of the deductions which may be drawn from the evidence brought out in the course of the investigation. The first part of the paper will be devoted to a consideration of the nature of the tests now offered for the measurement of achievement in various departments of the field in English, and the tests will either be briefly described or reproduced sufficiently to show what they are like. In connection with this part of the work a good deal of comment will be included arising from the writer's own experience with the tests, or from the reaction which English teachers in general have shown toward the movement for scientific measurement. The second part of the paper will be taken up largely with the presentation and interpretation of the results of a questionnaire sent to all the high schools in New York and Boston.

Subject Area

Secondary education|Educational tests & measurements|Educational evaluation

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Mohan, Lucy F, "The Use of Achievement Tests by High School Teachers of English" (1924). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281836.