The Educative Process in the Light of Catholic Faith

Patrick F Nolan, Fordham University


The Catholic Church has long been in the field of education. This is her chosen field, and in the midst of this general enthusiasm, she, too, has not been lethargic, but,. more solicitous than ever in providing for the needs of her children, she has, in practically every diocese of the country, unified, systematized more completely, and at the most of crushing financial burdens, magnificently expanded her system, whether by the appointment of Diocesan Superintendents, correlating curricula of studies, establishing free diocesan high schools, enlarging and more elaborately equipping her Catholic colleges, and above all by aiding and encouraging the Religious teaching staffs in these institutions in the attainment of the highest training and best culture that can be had.

Subject Area

Secondary education|Educational evaluation|Religious education

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Nolan, Patrick F, "The Educative Process in the Light of Catholic Faith" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281846.